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I can't even remember when I first began my love affair with food. My earliest memory was probably being eight years old and cooking dinner for my family- tomato and bacon soup for entree and then mushroom and swiss cheese crepes (from scratch) for main. I think it was from then on that I became very annoying to my Mum, always demanding more exotic and interesting meals than she usually cooked, and eventually destroying the kitchen as I cooked my own meals.

Since I have moved out of home, cooking has become even more of a hobby. For me, it is so much more than just 'getting a feed'. Taking the time and care to find a recipe or develop a recipe, shop for the best produce and prepare a meal for someone you love is to me one of the experiences I thrive off. More recently, as I have become more and more of a 'health nut' it has also been about making sure that I give mine and my partners body the very best produce and fuel we need to be happy and healthy in our busy lives. Cooking for me is not a chore- it is my happy place, and where I feel most like myself.

I also love eating out (as you can probably tell from this blog!) Sadly, I very rarely eat at the same restaurant twice (apart from a few choice local favourites) as I am so madly in love with the food scene in Melbourne and all it has to offer that I don't have the time or money to revisit. But this is best for you, my readers, as it means that I can recommend more and more places to you every weekend. What matters to me in a dining experience? Interesting, different food. A menu that matches and makes sense, with each dish complimenting the next. A vibe or an atmosphere unique to that restaurant. Friendly and bubbly service. Value for money (most of the time).

I also love to travel, and some of my very best eating experiences have been on a beach in Vietnam, or on the side of the road in Thailand, or at amazing Italian restaurants in Bali. I love eating 'outside the square' and hope to visit Europe next year and share a lot more of the world's foodie fare with you.

I hope you enjoy my 'foodie' world as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

Lauren x

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