Thursday, August 23, 2012

Harvest, Daylesford

In all my trips to my beloved Daylesford, I never even knew this gorgeous little cafe existed. Mum and I headed to Daylesford this week for a pampering session and lunch for Mum's birthday. We treated ourselves to a blissful two hours of pampering and then went to seek lunch. My research had found that most of the foodie hotspots in Daylesford close on Tuesdays due to being open on Monday's for the long weekenders. So that meant all of the restaurants I have been dying to try like Sault, The Lake House, Frango's and Frango's, Perfect Drop, Mercato, Kasuki's, Ego's Culinaria were all closed! How annoying. We were pretty happy where we ended up though.

Feeling so blissfully healthy and relaxed after our massage, we saw the words organic and were sold at the Harvest Cafe. We were seated in the little, simple cafe and I ordered a big fresh juice and Mum a coffee. We decided to share the mezze platter and some potato wedges, thinking that at a cafe a mezze platter is likely to be pretty small. Boy, were we wrong! This was the king of antipasto platters! Piled high with gorgeous roast organic vegetables, chorizo, haloumi, salad, some beautiful dips, roti bread and turkish bread, we gorged on this feasting plate and barely touched our potato wedges. Such good value for money and so delicious! I could not recommend it more, for $22 it could easily feed three people.

We then dragged our full tummies for a walk around beautiful Lake Daylesford and I thought more and more about how one day I would love a country house in the Daylesford/Hepburn/Macedon region where I can come on the weekends and enjoy nature and eat amazing food... and try all of those wishlist restaurants above! One day...

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