Friday, May 4, 2012

Tanck's Corner, Yarrambat

We didn't really need to go out for breakfast this morning. But on waking up and seeing the sun peeking through our curtains and feeling the warmth radiating through, I decided to attempt to convince the boy to come and have breakfast with me on the patio at Tanck's Corner in Yarrambat. He didn't need much convincing! Lucky we did go, because about an hour after breakfast the clouds rolled in and I realized that may be the only time I feel the sun on my shoulders this week.

Tanck's Corner is located on Ironbark Rd, at the Yarrambat Post Office. I discovered it via word of mouth by some other teachers who whiz past there to grab a coffee on the way to work, so I decided to try it. What I found was a gorgeous looking whitewashed building with a huge verandah wrapping around it, overlooking the rolling hills. Inside, the light floods through the many windows creating a warm and inviting atmosphere to have a coffee or breakfast. The little boutique there also stocks some beautiful giftware and clothing, with an everchanging range (I should know, I browse at least one morning a week!) And the coffee is simply amazing. I love my extra hot soy latte that is just the right temperature to drink by the time I get to school. They only use Allpress coffee and Jonesy's Milk from Kerang, and there seems to be a strong emphasis on making use of local produce.

The simple menu offers the basics as well as a few specialties. For example, the smashed avocado with danish fetta and pepitas on sourdough, or a gorgeous looking toasted coconut and banana bread with poached nectarines. We couldn't go past the garlic and thyme wild mushrooms with danish fetta and a poached egg on sourdough. It is a rare occurance that we order exactly the same thing!

We both absolutely adored this mountain of various mushrooms, gorgeously sauteed in thyme and garlic with generous chunks of fetta and one poached egg. The combination worked so well and we were both absolutely stuffed by the time we finished. I find its difficult to find a cafe that does decent mushrooms- you either get them overfried, or dripping with butter, or too garlicky. But these were still firm, not dripping in butter and perfectly seasoned.

I cannot recommend Tanck's Corner enough, it is a little gem in Yarrambat. The new owners are always friendly and any of the wait staff will have a little chat with you whilst ordering coffee or clearing your plates. There is a homely and welcoming feel about the place.
Turn left at Yarrambat Primary School off Yan Yean Rd and follow the post office sign.

I have since been back to Tanck's Corner on several occasions and tried a lot more of the menu. For a more up to date post, click here.

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