Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toblerone Dip, the perfect Cup Day treat...

Today I am featuring a yummy dessert that one of my friends bought to my Cup Day get together. It is addictive, very more-ish and not very good for you at all, but I just need to share it with you all. I had tried this previously at a Tupperware party (same place my friend learnt to make it) and hadn't remembered the recipe, so was pretty excited to get to try it again and grab the recipe off her.

We ate it with mixed fruit and marshmellows- like fondue, but its a cold dip!

Toblerone Dip

200 grams of Toblerone
1/2 cup of whipped cream
Tablespoon of honey
Fruit and marshmellows to serve

Chop toblerone and melt in a bowl over some boiling water. Mix whipped cream and honey into the bowl. Forget how many calories are in the concoction and dip your fruit or marshmellows into the toblerone-ey goodness.

Special shout out to Amy for this recipe... and Tupperware!

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