Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finger food fest!

After eating out WAY too much last weekend, I decided to put myself on an eating out ban this weekend. Luckily for my tastebuds, I had my cousin's 21st birthday party last night and my family is notorious for being able to put on an absolutely smashing feast. Last night was no different, with some of the yummiest finger food around. My stomach is kicking me this morning for eating so many different foods in one sitting.

So, seeing as I didn't have a lot to blog about this week, I decided to get snapping and show off how talented some of my fellow family members are... and where I probably got my foodie nature from!

My foodie cousin made these AMAZING chicken tandoori pappadums that were an absolute hit. They were a little fiddly, but I think it was worth it. These would be such a great little starter for a dinner party. They are light and healthy, as well as so delicious. I am hoping she will post the recipe on her blog- you can visit it here.

My Aunty's stuffed mushrooms (which apparently also originated from one of Jac's recipes) are always a hit. In fact so much so, that when two years ago I had to miss out on a family function because I was hospitalized with pancreatitis, I was so disappointed about missing out on the stuffed mushrooms that I told all the nurses about them!

I am not sure who made this pastry pinwheels, but they were filled with olive tapenade which I thought was such an interesting filling and a welcome change from your typical tomato ones.

Both of my older cousins had made something to contribute for dessert. My 'lesser of a foodie' cousin impressed me with these amazing bite sized yo yo's. I have to confess... I may have eaten three or four!

My foodie cousin had made little lemon meringue cups, also very yummy and easy to pop into the mouth discreetly so nobody knows just how much dessert you are eating ;)

After a few drinks, my cousins decided to have a bit of a Masterchef-esque competition to see whether the lemon meringue cups or the yo yo's would disappear first off the dessert platters... We all thought it was hilarious though, when the platter came back with a few yo yo's and meringue cups left over, and my Aunt's rum balls had absolutely flown off the plate! I believe my cousin summed it up well, when between giggles she described that drunken 21 year olds just love 'snow balls'. That must be it ;)

So, proof that you don't have to eat out to consume wonderful food on the weekend. However, I must say I am hanging out for a restaurant meal next weekend ;)

L x

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