Sunday, November 27, 2011

A friends specialty dish :)

I wanted to share with you also a wonderful dish I ate a girlfriends house this weekend. Cooking for each other is a great way to eat healthy, save money and share our favourite recipes. I had heard great things about her infamous 'chicken dish' and it was great to try it.

Although I don't have the exact recipe on me, the chicken breast fillet was stuffed with sundried tomatoes and spinach, and wrapped in proscuitto. Oven baked, the chicken was tender and succulent. She served it with a side of home-made, fresh, zesty guacamole which went really well with the chicken.

The salad was my doing- tomato, cucumber and lentil salad with haloumi cheese. This was also very enjoyable and a perfect accompaniment to this healthy meal. It was so simple and easy to make, I used this recipe from (my fave website)---

So next time you are trying to save money or attempting to eat out less (difficult, I know) why not invite some good friends over, get them to bring a side dish or a dessert and eat in instead of eating out? Attempt to create your own restaurant quality dish at home... my lovely friend did!

Let me know if anyone wants the exact recipe and I will hit her up for it.

L x

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