Monday, January 16, 2012

Sushi Tei

Gosh I loved this restaurant. It is a Japanese restaurant chain throughout Asia that offers an eclectic, varied menu with creative Japanese inspired dishes. The decor is funky with wooden finishing and booths, huge menu's, little chopstick boxes on the tables, and a massive sushi train snaking through the middle. And the biggest plus- it is soooo cheap. For the quality of the dishes, it is a steal how little you pay for this food. We had about 6 amazing dishes with a small jug of sake, and two beers for less than $40 AU. I dragged us back there twice for dinner!

Salmon Carpaccio- amazing. I had this dish twice.
Eel tobiko rolls
Tempura tuna sushi rolls- yummmmmm!
Soft Shell Crab with egg sauce
Chicken Katsu- best I have had. Soft rice with crumbed chicken, egg, perfectly cooked vegies.
Tempura prawn stuffed mushrooms
Think I may have to head to Sydney to check out the branch of Sushi Tei there... or petition for one to be opened in Melbourne ASAP ;)

L x

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