Monday, January 16, 2012

Tandoori Salmon with Indian Carrot Salad

Another winning Salmon dish for dinner tonight. I wanted to cook something special seeing as I had been out of the kitchen for a while and was just itching to be back in my happy place, plus the man had gone back to work today whilst I was still on school holidays so I thought why not spoil him? This is the kind of dish that looks and sounds really complicated, but is really quite simple. There are a few elements but a lot of it can be prepared beforehand.

Tandoori Salmon with Indian Carrot Salad (Jamie Oliver), Cucumber Raita and Naan.

For the Salmon:
In a bowl combine a tablespoon of Sharma's Tandoori Paste with about half a cup of natural yogurt (I used Greek). Add two salmon fillets and coat in the marinade. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then, simply chuck on the BBQ and grill on both sides (shake off excess marinade as you place on grill) for about five minutes. So easy!

For the Salad:
I used this recipe-
I am very into Jamie Oliver at the moment. He has such a knack for taking simple, wonderful flavours and just throwing them together in a way that looks so effortless and a lot of the time, really is quite easy to do. This salad is served with lamb in the recipe, but I simply excluded the lamb part of the dish and just made the salad. It was beautiful and healthy with the simple lemon juice dressing and sesame seeds. I used heaps less olive oil, probably only throwing in a teaspoon just to coat the herbs. Also, since the garam masala is put into the lamb, I just sprinkled that in with the sesame seeds. I just used a normal peeler to peel super thin slices of carrot also- its a great way to give a very crunchy ingredient a completely different texture.

For the Cucumber Raita:
Also super easy! Chop up some cucumber and combine with a teaspoon of crushed garlic and a cup of natural yogurt.

Naan- I just used the store bought kind and grilled it on the BBQ. Also chucked on a couple of asparagus spears just to add another vegie to the dish!

Simply serve the salad with the salmon and a dollop of raita on the side with some naan.

Such a simple, healthy dinner for a hot summers night and something you can fool your guests into thinking you slaved hours over the stove for! Enjoy.

L x

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