Saturday, February 11, 2012

Taco Truck

 I just love the concept of the Taco Truck- a travelling food van, stopping at random spots around town, where masses flock to the roadside and throw down picnic blankets to have a Mexican feast. What a great way to dine! I follow the Taco Truck via Facebook, so each day I am updated with where the Taco Truck will be daily for lunch and dinner.

On this particular warm Friday evening, the truck was at Merri Station, Northcote, perched on a grassy embankment where huge amounts of people lined up in the sun for tacos. The food is just as good as the novelty of it- fresh, soft taco's available in chicken, fish or potato flavours, along with homemade chips and zesty guacamole. The fish took my fancy the most via the menu, but taste wise it was the chicken taco that will have me going back for more- the marinade on that chicken is amazing, and the fresh corn kernels really make it. The fish was also really enjoyable, but bit of a battered fish overload.

At ten bucks for a plate of two taco's with a handful of chips, its an easy and relatively healthy alternative to Friday night pizza in your living room! Add it on Facebook- Taco Truck Melbourne- and find it next time its in your area (or go for a drive if it isn't!). Well worth it.
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  1. Great review!
    If you like Food Trucks of Melbourne then please follow us on Facebook and Twitter

    1. Thanks guys! Just had a look and I am a HUGE fan of pulled pork so definitely think I will have to come and find you and try that pulled pork roll sometime soon. Yummo.


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