Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yarra Glen Grand Hotel

I visited the Yarra Glen Grand Hotel with some girlfriends last night for dinner and wines and was really impressed with this beautiful country pub. My girlriend, a Yarra Glen local, commented on the overhaul the place had undergone in the last few years. Tastefully decorated and capturing the country feel of the town, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in a beautifully lit dining room.

We found the hotel had an excellent wine list and we enjoyed some local wines.

 We started with a dip platter, and were impressed by their option of gluten free bread so that my gluten intolerant friend could share the entree with us. Dips were enjoyable, but not overly amazing.

Our mains were really lovely though. My friend enjoyed her beef balti with rice and yogurt, however it did have quite the bite to it. The slow cooked beef just fell apart and was juicy and tender.

The other two of us both loved our pan roasted barramundi fillet on a chat potato rosti with a leek puree and snow pea sprouts. This is exactly the kind of dish I love- fresh, beautifully cooked fish combined with zesty flavours and textures.

We all made room for dessert and enjoyed a beautiful yogurt panna cotta with fresh berries, an apple and berry crumble and creme brulee. My panna cotta was rich and creamy, cut through by the sweetness of the fresh berries. A perfect dessert.

I will definitely be returning to the Yarra Glen Grand Hotel. This was the best 'pub' meal I have had in a long time. Sometimes I find hotel menu's lack healthy options and every meal seems to be the size of a house. It was nice to find a hotel that provided good quality as well as value for money.

L x
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