Monday, September 3, 2012

Fathers Day @ Montmorency RSL

With Craig's parents currently away in Europe, we decided to break his Pa out of his retirement home and take him to our local RSL for a Father's Day lunch. At $38 a head for two courses of RSL food, it was a bit steep but it was a nice day out and nice environment to have lunch in. Some of the food looked quite impressive, other dishes were not amazing. I guess there's not much more you can ask of an RSL than value for money and a quiet atmosphere.

I was quite impressed with my nephews meal, where his nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs. How cool is that!? I had a lot of fun teaching him how to play with his food and make his little dinosaur nuggets say "Grrrrr!".

The spicy calamari dish was quite nice, although the calamari tasted a little like the frozen kind and it could have done with maybe another two minutes cooking time to crisp up the outsides a bit.

The satay chicken entree looked very nice also, although I was not lucky enough to get a taste!

I couldn't believe the size of the gnocchi entree, which was definitely the best value size wise... but didn't leave much room for main!

My main meal sounded so good in theory- pistachio crusted barramundi with chips and salad. But in reality, it was pretty horrible and reminded me why I don't eat at many pubs/RSL's. The fish was so overcooked that it was rubbery, the pistachio crumb tasted processed and gross and I wasn't quite sure why they felt the need to fry herbs and sprinkle them on top? I have never been so grateful for a pile of chips as I was when I pushed this fish to the side. I may sound like a massive toff, but if you are going to offer pistachio crumbed fish on a menu, at least cook the fish properly!

I have major food envy to those who got the Beef Wellington. These looked awesome, kind of like a wellington 'stack'. Pretty impressive for a pub meal.

Despite being a little disappointed in a few of the meals at the RSL this particular day (quite a busy day, if that makes a difference to the quality of the food) it is a great little local RSL and I would particularly like to go back in summer and drink beers on the rooftop and give the meals another go!

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