Sunday, October 21, 2012

Huxtaburger, Collingwood

On Sunday, Craig and I headed into the Europe Expo to book our Europe holiday for next year. How exciting! By combining a 22 day Top Deck as well as some of our own travel, we should see 15 countries in 40 days. As exciting as it is though, handing over that kind of cash (especially when some of it you, uh, don't have yet...) is a very daunting and terrifying thing! So after three hours at the expo, and handing over some serious money, and committing to a hugely exciting holiday, we really needed some comfort food. Craig was about to chew his arm off and refused to wait until we got home so I suggested to him that we stop in Huxtaburger in Smith St (sister restaurant of Huxtable across the road, which is high on my wish-list) and finally try what some tout as the best burgers in town.

And... they were! As much as I love Burger Lounge, and the huge variety they have availabke, there was something about Huxtaburger that was so much more simple. They do simple burgers, and they do them bloody well. Out of the four burgers on offer, we both chose the very basic Huxtaburger, with beef, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickles on a gorgeous soft brioche bun. The soft, sweet bun really makes it, and holds it all together, and the condiments compliment each other perfectly. We also shared some of the chipotle fries, which were just spicy crinkle cut chips. Not mind-blowing, but then again, I was very much focused on the burger! I can see why there are lines out the door to have one of these burgers... the perfect way to celebrate our excitement for Europe... and comfort ourselves after spending our life savings ;)

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