Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mamak, CBD

Last weekend, Craig and I headed out to the CBD to see what all the fuss is about at the new Malaysian hotspot, Mamak. Known for its popularity in Sydney, Mamak has quickly become talk of the town. Luckily, we got there early enough that we only lined up for ten minutes and I quite enjoyed the wait watching the open kitchen through the front window as they made roti canai, one of my favourite foods!

We were seated quickly but it took them ages to come and get our order... like half an hour or so. It seems that the staff haven't yet worked out how to cope with the popularity. We chose a few popular dishes off the small menu, but unfortunately, Mamak didn't really impress.

Reknowned for its roti, Mamak ticks the box on that one. The roti was soft, buttery and beautiful. I loved the simple roti canai with spicy curry sauce and would recommend staying with the simple version as the red onion one had a little too much going on for me.

The mains unfortunately were pretty uninspiring. The Nasi Goreng was a little bland, all spice and nothing else. The were about four tiny prawns in the serving, and not much else other than chilli and rice.
The satay sticks were also fairly unimpressive. Quite small for the price, and the dipping sauce was texturally good but didn't have the richness I love in satay sauces. However, this happened quite a bit during our travels to Malaysia as the satay there is more chilli than peanut based.

The fried chicken (not my friend at the best times of times) was not my cup of tea. Covered with a dry, crunchy, spicy coating... it was just, chicken... spicy and fried. Now I am not an expert in the fried chicken area, but Craig is quite fond of it and he commented that the chicken at Gami Chicken and Beer is much more enjoyable.

Overall, not all that impressed. I would return for the roti but not for much else. Mamak is good value, thats for sure, and judging by the Malaysian cohort eating there it is obviously fairly authentic. But for me, it just didn't rock my world. Cheap... yes. Spicy, yes. Tasty... not really? I think I may have missed the hype? I have eaten better Malaysian food at more local places, and I would head there before heading back to Mamak.

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