Sunday, October 28, 2012

Palomino, Northcote

Before heading to the Preston Market to stock up on some goodies last weekend, we headed to Palomino in Northcote for breakfast. What a gorgeous little cafe! It reminded me of being invited into someones home, especially when we ate in the little backroom on mismatched stools. The menu is a little of the same- homely, eclectic, Mexican inspired and very different. It was so difficult to decide what to eat. I love unique breakfasts, and this certainly catered to my drive to find new and exciting ways to experience breakfast foods.

I loved my baked eggs with spinach and fetta with sourdough. The creamy baked eggs with the salty feta and buttery spinach was so enjoyable, and it had just the right amount of bread.

Craig's pancetta wrapped egg with spicy baked beans was very Mexican inspired, tasty and gorgeously presented.

Coffee was also fabulous. A successful find in the cafe district of Northcote, definitely one I would return to and try more of their interesting and unique menu! Breakfast doesn't have to be boring people, and Palomino knows this!

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