Sunday, October 21, 2012

New houses, European adventures and food!

Things are finally up and running at our new house, and I have finally found time to sit down and blog. Because of the move, I have to say I haven't eaten out as much as I usually do. However, this is going to become the norm since Craig and I have just booked our Euro-trip 2013! We are now officially in hibernation as we save, save, save but won't it be worth it when we visit 15 countries in 40 days next year and revel in a European summer whilst Australia is having a cold winter! So that is very exciting and I am jumping out of my skin... but, first things first... our new house!

We are loving our gorgeous little new home. For a rental, we really lucked out. Compared to our last place, which was a 70's style brick unit complete with the spew green carpets and pink walls, this feels like a holiday home! A little grey weatherboard with light-filled rooms, a big backyard for Ollie to play in and polished floorboards. Because we have been too busy to eat out, I have been doing lots of cooking in our gorgeous little kitchen...

Heres a rundown of what I have been eating lately!

Our first meal in our new place. We managed to put together one flat pack coffee table and sat on folding chairs whilst Craig enjoyed a burger and onion rings from Burger Lounge and I stayed healthy and feasted on some sushi and seaweed salad.
My gorgeous new kitchen! There wasn't a lot of bench space so we bought a floating bench top on wheels from IKEA. It was only $89 and I love it! Have screwed some little hooks into it so I hang stuff off it also :)
Our first breakfast in our new house :)
Moroccan chicken salad (recipe coming!)
Flathead tails with steamed veggies and sweet potato chips
Parmesan chicken schnitzel with a cauliflower and mint couscous (recipe coming!)
Stuffed sweet potato with guacamole (recipe coming!)
Bun Bo- Vietnamese noodle salad with stir-fried pork (recipe coming!)
Family BBQ on a gorgeous sunny afternoon
Dinner party with our new table and chairs :) Roast Pumpkin parpadelle (recipe here)
And my little mate Ollie, waiting at the door for Mummy :)
I promise to get back into the blog-o-sphere this week, so stay tuned for a few reviews and recipes!

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