Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lambs, Northcote

Craig and I ventured out late on Saturday night in search of a feed. Because we had no idea what we felt like (a miracle for me, I know) we decided to head to High St, Northcote where there is a bounty of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. I tried for Japanese, Italian and Sri Lankan but Craig kept mentioning Lambs so even though it isn't my favourite kind of place to eat at, I decided to for once let him have choice of dinner.

If you are after cheap Greek, Lambs is the go to place. Famous for its signature kebabs, for years I didn't even realise it had an eat-in menu. But it does have a nice little dining room at the back where you can order value for money souvlaki platters and Greek mezze dishes.

We decided to share two of the small platters, one vegetarian and one mixed beef and chicken. The service is so-so but its one of those places that you don't really expect anything more. The food is really good- the meat fresh off the spit, served with home-made dips and crisp Greek salad with some of the yummiest toasted pita bread I have tasted.

The mixed meat platter was actually huge and great value for money. It is definitely the ideal meal for a hardcore carnivore like Craig.

The vegetarian platter had some falafels and dolmades in place of the meat. They were not the greatest falafels or dolmades I have ever tasted, and I think Lambs really excells in the Lamb (would you believe it?!) and the chicken dishes. The dolmades didn't have much flavour and the falafels seemed a bit dense like they had been sitting there for a while. Still an enjoyable change from the massive pile of meat on the other plate as yummy as it was!

Lambs is definitely a great place to go for a quality kebab, or some cheap and quick Greek food. I can highly recommend it as a place to take your carnivore man-friend for a feed! It probably won't blow your mind, and if you are looking for a special Greek meal out I would look no further than somewhere like Hellenic Republic rather than here... but for a cheap and easy feed... look no further than Lambs!

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