Thursday, August 2, 2012

Non-food related post- Ollie!

For this Friday morning I thought I would share with you a little more about my favourite thing other than food at the moment... my gorgeous little Cavoodle puppy Ollie. I introduced him about 6 weeks ago which you can see here, but he is now 14 weeks old and has almost doubled in size!

Having a puppy has been such a life enriching experience. There is nothing better than coming home from a long and tiring day at work and being greeted by a little fluffball who actually makes you feel as though there is nothing in the world more exciting than you arriving home.

Over this last six weeks we have experienced many ups and downs with Ollie- countless hours of playing and cuddling, cleaning up lots of little 'accidents', having our hands used as pin cushions whilst he is teething and losing the shoelaces on most of our shoes. The other night we woke up to find he had torn his 'pee pad' into a million pieces, and was asleep in the middle of the hallway covered in tiny little pieces of it- looking like he was sleeping in snow. But overall, the good times have well outweighed the low times and Ollie has fit really well into our little family.

As a foodie, I haven't been able to resist trying new foods on him. He doesn't like canned tuna and isn't a huge fan of vegetables. However, he loves grilled salmon, rump steak and raw chicken wings. I have been tempted to try making my own little 'doggie' treats as the supermarket variety seem to contain a huge amount of preservatives and are really high in fat. Have you ever tried making your own dog treats? If so, I would love to see a recipe.

I hope these pictures of Ollie have brightened up your Friday! Tonight I am eating out at Henry & the Fox despite having a horrible cold (please, please, please don't affect my tastebuds!) and should have some great food to discuss with you this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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