Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Deer Tracks, Coburg

I spontaneously ended up at Little Deer Tracks this week whilst on route to visit some of my students on work experience. It was way past lunchtime and after having a few meals out this week I wanted to find something organic and wholesome. A quick Google search alerted me that this vegetarian cafe was 7 minutes away and so off I went.

There is something slightly liberating about eating in a cafe alone. Obviously it is much more enjoyable to have some friends to giggle with (and share food with!) but I also think there is something really special about being comfortable enough with your own company to be able to sit in a cafe, sip coffee, read a book and have a meal alone.

Obviously, it helps when the cafe is as funky as Little Deer Tracks. Almost unrecognizable from the front apart from a very small sign, it is cosy, hip and at 2.30pm on a Thursday, very much alive and buzzing. I was led by friendly staff to a cosy little table up the back where I sipped a soy latte and perused the menu, bopping along to the vibrant music playing. It was difficult to decide what to eat as this was my kind of vegetarian food- different, unique, inventive, wholesome, nurturing, interesting. No tofu or tempeh here, but a celebration of vegetables and lentils. I decided to go for one of the blackboard specials- Cauliflower Schnitzel with braised kale, brown rice and lemon.

What a ripper of a vegetarian dish! I am not sure how they have managed to make cauliflowe into a firm almost eggplant like consistency but it tastes great with the light crumb and beautifully flavored brown rice. And the kale... Oh the kale!

Kale is a superfood that I have been trying to eat more of lately, adding it to green smoothies, stirfries and even making kale chips. You can read more about the many benefits of this leafy green vegetable here. This braised kale was amazingly tasty, and I will definitely attempt cooking it like this at home.

Little Deer Tracks is the perfect place to have a tasty vegetarian meal and good coffee, with friends or even on your lonesome. A hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney Rd.

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