Friday, May 11, 2012

Buttered Arabian Eggs

Whilst browsing through (a common past-time of mine), I came across these Arabian buttered eggs and just knew I had to try them. The result was an exotic and absolutely scrumptious Saturday morning breakfast.

As I made the butter sauce and chopped the mint, Craig looked at me fondly and said, "You just can't do things normally, can you?" However, he was silenced by his yummy breakfast.

Now, I pretty much followed the recipe below exactly. However, I did use Devondale Extra Light instead of butter. It changed the texture of the sauce but a bit of a healthier alternative! I also didn't have any chilli flakes so sprinkled a tiny bit of chilli powder over the top. It was just the right amount of chilli kick for a breakfast dish. I love the combination of lemon and cumin and garlic with the rich egg yolks and yogurt. Will definitely be adding this to my weekend breakfast repoitore.

Try something different for breakfast!
L x

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