Friday, May 4, 2012

Craig cooked dinner!

Only those of you who know me well would see why it is title-worthy that my partner Craig cooked dinner. I am notoriously the cook in our household, and even when he tries to cook, I usually step in. It is also difficult for him to help me cook, because usually I cook straight from my head so I prefer to be in my own rhythm and do things the way I want to do them!

But this Friday evening I had a late osteo appointment so it was the perfect opportunity for him to cook without me there to pester him. I admit I did hover around during the plating up, trying to make sure it was blog-worthy, but the rest he did himself- right down to the absolute mess he made of my food processer making his own breadcrumbs!

Parmesan and Herb Schnitzel with Rocket and Pear Salad

Now this meal was based on the Taste recipe below, but he changed a few things.

He substituted the pine nuts for cashew nuts, which were just as yummy. We didn't have any fresh sage so he added some dried sage instead. For the salad, he left out the walnuts as we didn't have any, and knowing that I prefer a balsamic glaze, used that instead. We also don't have any rice bran oil so it was good old olive oil in the pan instead.

I was very impressed. I guess I have rubbed off on him ;) He even made enough schnitzels that we now have some in the freezer for another time. I know he has been hoping for a while that he will be featured in this blog, so hopefully if we all encourage him to try his hand at a few more dishes (and encourage me to let him) he might be writing guest posts soon enough.

Well done Craig, and thanks for dinner.

L x

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