Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zonzo's @ TrainTrak Winery, Yarra Glen

Now I know that I have blogged about Zonzo's before (my cousin's wedding in December) but I had such a lovely birthday celebration at Zonzo's recently that I thought it merited another post.

Every year I 'umm and aah' for weeks over what to do for my birthday celebration. Often I find myself trying to cater for what I think my friends would like to do. This year however, I decided to organize my perfect day and hope that my friends would come along and enjoy themselves. It ended up being such a fabulous day. Good food, good company, good wine and beautiful scenery. What more could a girl ask for?!

The restaurant itself is just beautiful looking. Overlooking rollings hills and the vineyard, it is furnished with long wooden tables and huge windows that allow for natural lighting. The look is very rustic and is complimented by the smell of the woodfired pizza ovens.

Zonzo's offers a great sharing menu for large bookings, so the 14 of us paid $45 a head for a massive amount of food. We started with huge antipasto platters with warm bread.

Mixed marinated and grilled vegetables, olives, cured meats and cheeses made the perfect starter as we began to sip wine and chat away. The serves were so generous (the above was between four of us!) that we had plenty of antipasto left over. I was very happy to sample each element of the platter myself!

Next we were served some Greek salads and some rocket and pine-nut salads. Didn't get a chance to take a photo. Then, I would argue every-one enjoyed the wood-fired pizza course the most. At first the waitress asked me to choose four pizzas and I wondered to myself if it would be enough. We enjoyed two prawn pizzas and two pork and fennel sausage pizza's, and then they just kept coming until we said stop! Such good value. The bases are thin and crispy, the toppings fresh and sparse. I particularly loved the juicy prawns.

For a while there, the table fell silent whilst we all picked through the amazing Italian food down the middle of the table. There were varied tastes around the table from fussy to adventurous and all were catered for. My gluten-intolerant friend was given her own bread for the antipasto and gluten-free pizza, which she also thoroughly enjoyed.

As well as the wonderful food and beautiful surroundings, the service was really wonderful. Our waitress was attentive and friendly. They even let us keep all of my presents and our bags at the table whilst we went and sat outside drinking for the rest of the afternoon.

The best kind of occasion is one where the day just flies by because you are having such a wonderful time, and not a laugh was shared. I highly recommend Zonzo's as a venue for any function you may have from a birthday lunch to a wedding. It really does provide a beautiful location for some memory making.

And thanks to all my fabulous friends for helping to make my birthday so special xx

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