Thursday, July 26, 2012

Char-grilled Swordfish on cannellini bean puree

Did everyone watch the Masterchef finale on Wednesday? I am a Masterchef junkie. I don't care how rigged it is, or about the petty advertising. Any kind of show that involves lots and lots of cooking is my kind of show and I get ridiculously attached to the contestents. This year was the first year that someone I have been rooting for has won- Go Andy! I was really happy to see an underdog who has come so far in such a small amount of time become a winner.

In my house, I always try to cook a special meal on Masterchef finale night. Craig and I watch it together every night, so I make a nice meal and we watch it whilst we enjoy the show. This year I was also joined by a good friend turned fellow Masterchef addict so I cooked an extra nice, gluten free meal for her.

Swordfish is such a great fish- firm, tasty and not too fishy. It almost has the same kind of texture as a chicken fillet, but with the great flavour that only comes from the sea. I really love it. The combination of this marinated swordfish with the smoky flavour the pancetta bought into the beans was really beautiful, and filling. Craig was begging for more of the braised beans (which turned out to be more of a mash for me, I probably cooked them too long- still yummy though!)
The recipe was so easy to make also. The only difference I made was to use dried oregano as I couldn't find any fresh, and I added some green beans for some extra veggie goodness. The original recipe is here.

I believe in having fish at least once a week (it is not that expensive these days either, it cost me $12 for these 3 massive fillets at my amazing fish shop at St Helena Marketplace) so why not try this great swordfish recipe this week? :)

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