Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tanck's Corner, again!

I know I have already blogged about Tanck's Corner in Yarrambat, but I just love it so much that I feel I have to do it again. It is also such a popular post so I thought I would give more insight into the kind of 'lunch' food they offer there.

See my original post here to see the background of how much I love this gorgeous little cafe, and for this post I will just focus on the food. My photo's aren't amazing because of the light flooding through the beautiful big windows, but you will get the point from them anyway!

We visited Tanck's for a Sunday brunch with my partners family including my gorgeous little nephew. They hadn't been there before but I was confident that Tancks would be suitable as it has simpler food for the fussier eaters but some different things for people like me who want a more gourmet fix.

Craig's Mum had a beautiful porridge with labne, rhubarb and pomegranate seeds (see, simple but gourmet at the same time!) She really enjoyed it.

Craig's Dad had the Club Sandwich which looked very impressive, I think Craig definitely had food envy of it. So tall and stacked with yumminess!

Craig had the BRAT with bacon, rocket, avocado and tomato- his personal favourite for breakfast. He wasn't blown away but wasn't feeling 100% this morning which may have explained it, as I have had something similar for breakfast there before and really loved it.

My chicken schnitzel sandwich with tasty cheese and crunchy slaw wasn't exactly clean, but was really awesome- best chicken schnitzel sandwich I have ever had. The chicken was tender and not fried up or greasy, the cheese melted to the point of that beautiful crispiness and the crunchy slaw fresh and crunchy on beautiful sourdough bread.

Even though today was supposed to be a healthy day, I couldn't resist ordering a raspberry and white chocolate muffin to share. The muffins here are my weakness... many a morning I have been tempted into getting one with my coffee as I see them being freshly taken out of the oven. They are so fresh and packed with flavour and whilst this wasn't as good as one freshly out of the oven, it was beautiful.

Do yourself a favour and go here for your next breakfast, lunch or brunch. It is my favourite in our area- make sure you book though, as lots and lots of other people have also discovered this local gem.

UPDATE: New menu item!

I went back to Tanck's again this weekend and ate something so indulgent and yummy that I just had to share it. The Croque Monsieur, with gypsy ham, cheese, mustard, conichons and bechamal sauce, served on beautiful sourdough bread and with a fried egg on top. It was such a treat and the owner assured me that it would become part of the menu very soon.

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