Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Daylesford Edition- Himalaya Bakery Cafe

I have just returned from two amazing nights away with 5 of my best girlfriends- lots of wine time, pampering and of course, eating good food! I really love Daylesford. It is the best compromise between country town and boutique, classy and cosy, rustic and modern. We stayed in a gorgeous three bedroom house right near the beautiful Daylesford Lake (and the Lake House restaurant, which is definitely on my 'to go to' list).

We were all really impressed by this little vegetarian cafe. The menu was extensive and catered for all of us despite none of us actually being vego. The service was a little brisk, and my friend was shot daggers when she accidentally asked for a ham and salad sandwich not realising it was vegetarian! The atmosphere was warm and cosy though, and the food really enjoyable.

Three of the girls really enjoyed the bean and vegetable soup which looked perfect for a winters day in Daylesford- hot, healthy and rustic style. The bread that it was served with was great too, so good we ended up taking a few loaves home with us!

The mushroom risotto was really yummy too (I was lucky enough to have a taste of both of the risottos!) and chock full of real wild mushrooms which gave it a wonderful flavour. The consistency was different to normal risotto, not gluggy like you get in some cafe versions, but grainy and 'healthy' tasting.

The pumpkin risotto was something really special. The same soft but not gluggy texture, with grains and seeds through-out it, pepitas and beautiful soft pumpkin pieces. I had never tasted a risotto like this one before and it was talked about throughout the trip.

I really loved the home-made basil gnocchi with an olive napoli sauce. It was pan fried gnocchi so had the yummy crust around it with the beautiful soft basil flavoured potato on the inside. It was perfectly matched with the olive sauce and some crusty bread. Yum! Just how gnocchi should be.

A must visit for even non-vegetarians whilst in Daylesford- even just for the beautiful bread, the Himalaya rustic bread is amazing. Home style, comforting food that is still healthy. We also tried the protein punch cookies made from all 'good stuff' (vegan, gluten free, no sugar, no dairy) and they were really great too.

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