Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cooking Classes

One of my best girlfriends decided to host a pot luck style girls dinner party where we each brought a dish. Cue my other bestie having a minor freak out because she isn't really into cooking, as much as she would love to be... Never fear, your food-loving friend is here! We made a Saturday afternoon of it, cooking up a storm in my kitchen, with me teaching her how to make two different kinds of Spanish tapas balls- beef and chorizo, and chickpea with romesco sauce.

In the photos below, you can also see my tiny little kitchen- yes, this is where the magic happens! As you can guess, an amazing, new, hi-tech kitchen is pretty high on my lifes wish list.

My gluten-intolerant friend was also attending the aforementioned dinner party, so we adapted the recipes to ensure they were gluten free. In the Beef and Chorizo meatballs, we used gluten free breadcrumbs. Also, instead of making the sauce in the recipe, we used the same yummy romesco sauce in the other recipe. The balls were super yummy, the chorizo gave them a lovely little kick. We served them with melted cheese on top too and with crusty pane de casa bread. (Excuse the dodgy photos...)

Another dinner party guest is 'practically' vegetarian, so the chickpea balls were an addition for her. They were like little balls of hummus, and so much easier to make than I expected. My friend suggested that next time I could actually mould the balls around the sauce (freeze the sauce into ice cubes first) so that when you cut into the ball the sauce pours out. It is something I will have to try. For the chickpea balls, we used this recipe, but used gluten free flour and breadcrumbs. The romesco sauce was a real hit, so much more interesting than your stock standard tomato sauce. The capsicum really added something!

Good little finger food dishes to have in your repoitore... I hope to have my friend serving them up to me sometime soon having cooked them all by herself!

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