Sunday, June 3, 2012

Taste of Sorrento

I headed up to the Mornington Peninsula for a girls weekend with my Mum this weekend. We were lucky enough to catch some beautiful weather on the Saturday morning/early afternoon where we could spend a nice long time sitting in the sun at our favourite beach.

We were also conveniently in town for the Taste of Sorrento festival. Now, I can't vouch for any of the restaurants in Sorrento. For such a lovely seaside town, the quality of restaurants available on the peninsula is pretty poor. Everything is over-priced and not all that impressive, apart from Three Palms, a tapas restaurant which I quite like in the main street. Despite the lack of choice in Sorrento itself, the Taste of Sorrento festival was quite a cute little occasion at the community hall with all of the elderly citizens of Sorrento having a ball, as well as some pretty cool food demonstrations and a few nice stalls. We enjoyed pecking our way through some of the stalls and came away with a cheap but yummy lunch.

The calamari cones are always a hit at these kind of venues. Crisp, soft, melt in your mouth calamari served very funkily in a cone.

The stall from The Pier restaurant in Rye was serving up some interesting BBQ food, so I tried the duck and sage sausage with beetroot relish and rocket. It was quite a nice sausage but the bread roll was a little soft and stale. It would have been nice served in a crunchier roll. The beetroot relish was amazing, and I purchased a similar one from the stall next door.

Mum had the lamb kofta wrap with cous cous, except she complained there was a lot of cous cous and not a lot of lamb. The lone kofta on the plate was beautifully cooked though, pink and beautiful.

Quite a small festival compared to the ones we normally go to in Melbourne, and it was a bit of a shame that more restaurants and wineries didn't get involved. For example, there was no Red Hill cheese present or any of the Red Hill wineries. Still pleasant way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday afternoon!

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