Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pier, Rye

Whilst the Mornington Peninsula might have the pretty beaches and nice walks, it is completely lacking in breakfast hotspots. Whilst perusing through Urbanspoon trying to look for somewhere that had a reasonable sounding breakfast, I found it completely lacking. So in the end, despite bad reviews, we were so hungry that we just popped into The Pier at Rye simply because it was on the way to where we wanted to go. It was nothing special, just your average breakfast and coffee menu.

The lack of attention to detail at some restaurants really annoys me. For example, why oh why would you put this burnt piece of toast on the plate!?

It may sound fussy, but when there are two pieces of bruschetta on the plate (this dish was the 'light start' on the breakfast menu), why would you put one bit that is clearly burnt next to the beautifully cooked other piece? It is just lazy. How much would it cost them to chuck another piece in the toaster so that you can present two equally nice looking pieces on the plate. The bruschetta topping itself was nice, in particular the creamy fetta.

The BLT with egg was pretty boring. It was huge and the ciabatta bread was really yummy but other than that it was just an egg, waaaaaay too much bacon, some tomato and lettuce. It was screaming out for a relish of some sort to take it that step up from something you can cook yourself at home, to something you are paying for at a restaurant.

However, in saying this, there doesn't seem to be any better quality around in the area anyway. I guess it is difficult in an area that has its peak seasons over summer only to remain consistent, but breakfast isn't that hard to do...

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