Sunday, June 3, 2012

Craig Cooked Dinner- Pork & Apple Cider Casserole with Sage Dumplings

Because I was away this weekend, I gave Craig instructions to try his hand at cooking on Sunday night. He decided to attempt a recipe off, this beautiful Pork and Apple Cider Casserole with Sage Dumplings. It is quite a difficult recipe, and I am proud of him for completing it... even if we did eat at 8pm at night. The pork was beautiful and tender from the slow cooking process, and the sage dumplings were a great alternative from mash or potatoes. The combination of the stock with apple cider and fennel, then cooked with the pork juices, created a different kind of casserole than I have ever tried before. This is definitely a must try dish for winter.

You start it off on the stove (Craig used my amazing tagine as the casserole dish)

Then, bake in the oven for a few hours:

And the finished product is this:

Impressive hey?
You can see the original recipe here.

Craig used lean diced pork instead of shoulder which is probably a healthier alternative.  I will make a Masterchef of him yet :)

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