Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just Fine Foods, Sorrento

This little cafe claims to have the best vanilla slice on the Peninsula. I personally love a good vanilla slice, even though I know how terrible they are for me. My Grandpa used to eat them all the time when I was young and eating them makes me think of him. So, of course on our recent trip to Sorrento Mum and I had to stop and get just one of these babies to share.

And was it the best vanilla slice? Well, it was up there. Put it this way, it was in our mouths so fast that I didn't even take a photo. Lucky I had taken the one above at the shop. The vanilla was less custardy and more creamy, and the pastry lovely and light. I would definitely go back and have another one next time I was in Sorrento. Can't vouch for the other food at the cafe, but for this particular yummy... I give a thumbs up! I think it was worth the pig out!

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