Sunday, June 3, 2012

Noel's Gallery, Red Hill

Noel's Gallery is one of those little places that you are so glad you found, especially on a cold wintery day. It was just so warm and inviting, almost as though we were dining in someones vintage styled living room. I am actually being literal when I mean invited into someones house, as I expect thats exactly what this little restaurant/cafe used to be.

The service was homely and inviting also, appearing to be a family team that knew the food, were happy to chat about it and gushed over their favourite dishes when asked. On this particular cold day, it was lovely to take one of the inside tables in the warmth. However, I can imagine that over summer this place must have a queue to get one of the outside tables on the verandah looking over the mountainside.

And the food? It was warm, rustic and comforting. The website claims that Noel's Gallery does simple food, and does it incredibly well... and after our lunch today I would have to agree. We had our minds blown by an absolutely beautiful rustic style pizza- honey roasted pumpkin with goats cheese and rosemary. The pumpkin was lovely and sweet, and this flavour was balanced by the rich goats cheese and fresh rosemary. It was just the kind of pizza I love, simple and minimalist. At first I thought $23 was a little rich for a pizza, but it was huge and perfect for two to share.

We also shared some polenta chips with a lovely chutney. I am not 100% sold on polenta yet, and whilst these were nice I don't know if I would eat them again. The texture was great but the taste a little bland.

Somehow after this we managed to fit in dessert. The chocolate, caramel and nut tart was perfect size for sharing. It was rich, nutty and sweet- there was not a chance I could have finished it on my own.

Red Hill is such a beautiful area for grazing. Wineries, beautiful farm houses, olive groves and boutique restaurants make it a perfect place to visit... and its also a hop, skip and a jump away from the sea! I love it, and Noel's Gallery really represents the beautiful simplicity that is Red Hill. A must try for a coffee, glass of wine or a meal (or all three) on your next trip to Red Hill.

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  1. Thankyou,so much.

    We are so happy to be somewhere different!

    WE love wine & food, and are passionate about people..And we love how all these these things combined,seem to work perfectly together!

    Come to say hi again.


    Gus and Sarah @


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